Striking Gardens

The Walled Kitchen Garden was restored in 1996 as an illustration of Victorian horticultural techniques and is one of the best surviving of its kind

Reflecting the grandeur of the house, the varied gardens of Titsey Place are always a highlight, with far-reaching views from the upper terrace stretching all the way from the Eden valley to the start of the Greensand Ridge.

Walled Kitchen Garden

One of the best surviving of its kind. Restored in 1996, the plot accurately recreates how seasonal crops would have been cultivated back in Victorian times. Today you can see an abundance of summer annual flowers, fruit and vegetables, ranging from tomatoes to gooseberries, kiwi and nectarines, being harvested, some of which find their way into our popular café.

Titsey House & Gardens

Jubilee Rose Garden

Walking around the Jubilee Rose Garden you will delight in the wide array of varieties on display. Aside for climbing roses and ramblers, we have a selection of Gallicas, China, Bourbons, Hybrid Perpetuals and more modern Hybrid Teas & English roses.

Titsey House & Gardens

Glass Houses

For more exotic plants, including our very own Cavendish Banana Plant, head to the glass houses. These showcase a range of tropical plants and flowers rarely seen outside of their native habitat.